eCommerce Website for Inventor of PocketZ Gift Wrapping

The project sought to create a visually appealing and functional e-commerce platform that positioned PocketZ wrapping as a must-have solution for event planning professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Project Goals

The project goals for the website design created for the inventor of PocketZ wrapping centered around establishing a robust e-commerce platform tailored to the unique needs of the client’s business.

The primary objective was to develop a user-friendly online store that effectively showcased the PocketZ wrapping product and allowed for seamless purchasing transactions. The design was to be highly customized, reflecting the brand’s identity and resonating with the target audience of event planners and other potential buyers. 


eCommerce Functionality

Functionality-wise, the website aims to provide comprehensive product information, including features, pricing, and customization options, to educate and entice customers. Additionally, the site needed to incorporate secure payment gateways and intuitive navigation to optimize the shopping experience. 

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